Other services

Outside of class hours, our school offers various types of additional support for students. Some examples of the additional support we provide include:

  1. Individual tutoring: Students can request individual tutoring sessions with our teachers to review concepts, clarify doubts, or receive personalized guidance.
  2. Online learning resources: We provide access to online platforms where students can access additional materials, interactive exercises, educational videos, and other tools to strengthen their learning outside the classroom.
  3. Study groups: We facilitate the formation of study groups among students, where they can meet and review course materials together, practice conversations in the language, and provide mutual support.
  4. Language library: We have a language library where students can find a wide selection of books, magazines, and audiovisual resources to complement their learning.
  5. Communication platform: Students can ask questions to their teachers or administration and receive answers outside of class hours through WhatsApp and email.